Make lamplight polka-dot bright

I love lampshades and how they create character in a room. Sometimes they hearken back to a more romantic time. Just walk into a specialty lampshade store and notice the beautiful silk and pleated shades in lovely curving shapes that seem to have popped right out of a Victorian parlor. And all that fringe!

But there’s something else about lampshades that I like: Their inexpensive versatility. The simplest kind, once redesigned, can light up a room in more ways than one. This is great news for budget-minded families and for kids who wants to jazz up their bedrooms this fall, or for college-bound teens who are hankering for a more sophisticated space.

Whether you pick up a new, inexpensive plain-white fabric shade at Target or touch up one you already own, you’ll quickly discover they’re a perfect canvas to showcase your child’s bright ideas and creativity. To get started, make your first attempt easy. Why not start with the happiest and simplest of designs—polka dots?


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