Dozens of enthusiasts attend CCR Fall Rendezvous

Dozens of enthusiasts attend CCR Fall Rendezvous

The Camp Clarke Raiders held their Fall Rendezvous over the Labor Day Weekend at Seybolt Park south of Courthouse and Jail Rock. Despite the intense heat, the atmosphere was uplifting and the people, jovial, with folks coming in from all over Nebraska, as well as several from the border states.

Walking from the parking lot down into the dusty valley below, one can see families taking cover in the shade of their teepees and period style tents, the canvas spreads propped atop bark-less tree saplings. Hand made crafts and necessities sprawl the miniature 1880s town, with evidence of buckskin clothing, tan hide water canteens, wooden trunks, and leather goods.

Children in swimsuits and knickers were swinging on a rope over the creek, trying to cool off in the trickle of muddy water. Laughter was everywhere, as was the crack of the black power rifles going off on the shooting range.


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