First Baptist Friendship Circle works on blankets for Doves

The Friendship Circle at First Baptist Church has made ministry and outreach their mission. The group works on many projects that benefit members of the congregation, the community and even some outside of Bridgeport. Right now, the group is making fleece blankets that go to Doves and people within the church who have new babies or illnesses.

“We decided that we wanted to do something for people who are in need, not only within the church, but outside of the church too,” friendship circle member Kathryn Cook said. “The organization we chose was Doves. We contacted them and they said that they would be able to take an item like blankets.”

She continued to say that at one point, the circle put together little bags with soaps, washcloths, combs and other things like that, but they decided to let that project go and start with the blankets.



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