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New arrival at Riverside Discovery Center

A 4 month old North American Porcupine has found a new home at Riverside Discovery Center. The staff have affectionately taken to calling it Quillow. It came to the RDC from a wildlife rehaber after its mother was hit by a car. At the time Quillow was only a few weeks old and not quite weened yet. The rehaber took it and and kept it alive but needed somewhere for it stay for the remainder of its life after it became to bonded with people to live on its own. We’re happy to give Quillow a home here and share its story growing up part of the RDC family. Quillow is very friendly with staff and volunteers and will join education programs here in the near future. You can come visit Quillow the porcupine in person 7 days a week or follow its story on Instagram at RDC_Quillow.

North American Porcupines are the 2nd largest rodent on the continent and are herbivores, meaning they feed on vegetation. This includes leaves, twigs, roots, berries and other types vegetation.


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