City Council works on budget

The Bridgeport City Council met in special session for a Budget workshop on Thursday, July 30, 2020. After routine business, Mike Beyer spoke with the council about purchasing a much-needed digger truck to replace the truck currently owned by the city. One was found near Green Bay, Wisconsin, at a cost of approximately $135,000.00. Permission was sought and given to allow Perry Nelson to fly to the location and inspect the vehicle with the condition that he would enter into a purchase agreement with the current owner if he believed it was right for Bridgeport and drive it back.

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Make room for beef!

Jessica Whitebear stands with her Grand Champion Morrill County Market Beef, which also received Grand Champion FFA Market Beef and Grand Champion FFA Market Steer. See the 2020 Morrill County Fair Special Section C for more results and photos. COURTESY OF STEPH’S STUDIO

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Library receives laser cutter

As one of six recipients of this year’s Kreutz Bennett Grant, specific for communities of 3,000 people or less, the Bridgeport Public Library is the proud new owner of a $19,451.00 Helix laser cutter which arrived in late July on a large pallet to the library’s front doors. The laser cutter joins the maker space room which already includes a vinyl cutter, heat press, button maker, sewing machine and design software.

4H Shooting Sports Club ends their year with ribbon ceremony

4H Shooting Sports Club ends their year with ribbon ceremony

The Morrill County 411 Shooting Sports Club gathered on Tuesday, July list at the Morrill County Fairgrounds for their end of the year ribbons and recognitions. In the Junior Archery division, Max Wiggins took the purple ribbon while Cammie and Caylee Rader each took blue and Riley Cline, Daxton Malcolm and Nathan Sacco each earning a red ribbon. Wiggins took the Overall Junior Archery Grand Champion with Cammie Rader as the Reserve Champion.


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