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So why is Nebraska fighting ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment?

A recent poll shows that 73 percent of Americans favor the Equal Rights Amendment. Why, then, is Nebraska joining a handful of states seeking to stop Congress from acting on it? Could it be politics?

Constitutional amendments must be ratified by three-quarters of the 50 states, or 38. But the ERA’s future is uncertain, in part because the ratification deadline set by Congress expired so long ago.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson said there’s been a movement to get states that had not previously ratified the ERA to reconsider their prior decision in spite of the expiration of the time limit.

In their lawsuit against the archivist of the United States, Nevada, Illinois and Virginia seek to ratify the 1972 ERA, concluding the time limit issued by Congress was not enforceable, and that states like Nebraska that rescinded their ratification vote (in 1973) should still be counted as supporting it.


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