Connecting every corner of Nebraska

Nebraska is a national leader in the quality of our state highway system. This is no accident—Nebraskans take pride in building high-quality infrastructure and understand the importance of connecting our communities to grow our state. For example, Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers led the charge for rural electrification in the 1930s. With their backing, Nebraska Senator George Norris co-sponsored the Rural Electrification Act, which was key to bringing electricity to rural communities throughout the state. Today, we have the opportunity to build next generation infrastructure by expanding reliable, high-speed broadband networks to every corner of Nebraska.

Nebraskans depend on high-speed internet for education, telehealth, precision agriculture, entertainment, ecommerce, and a host of other activities. In our digital world, broadband connectivity is basic infrastructure. It’s critical to ensuring that every community has a chance to grow and thrive. A couple of stories will illustrate this point. Like many Nebraskans, Riley Kessler—a 2020 graduate of Mullen High School—had to finish his final months of high school remotely last spring during the pandemic. Completing assignments online was anything but easy for Riley, given the lack of adequate broadband options on his family’s ranch. To do his schoolwork, Riley had to travel ten miles to a hilltop where he could finally make a connection to join Zoom sessions and do homework.


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