Finding the right speed for Nebraska

As we battle coronavirus as a state, we must work together to practice physical distancing as we reopen the parts of our society that were temporarily closed. This is a virus for which we have no immunity. We can't stop it, but we can slow its spread to ensure that we preserve our healthcare system.

An analogy I use is that we could end almost all traffic fatalities in Nebraska by lowering the speed limit to five miles per hour. But we don't do that. With regard to coronavirus, we have put measures in place that have essentially "reduced the speed" in society to five miles per hour. We've slowed everybody down to protect the healthcare system. These measures have worked, and we have flattened the curve in Nebraska. This has allowed us to succeed in our main goal of preventing our hospitals from being overwhelmed.

These restrictions have had difficult consequences, but they were necessary for a short time. Now that we're confident in our ability to maintain our healthcare system, we can begin to find the right speed as we move forward.


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