Letter to the Editor

Our Mayor is asking for a 233 percent raise? City workers not getting OT pay? Good grief, Charlie Browne!

I happened to be reading the News-Blade online while at work in Indianapolis the other day. I am away most weeks but enjoy keeping up on the happenings of the town I have come to call home.

In the minutes of the December city council meeting, I read that Mayor Browne wants to increase the mayor salary from $1800 to $6000. He was nice enough to include the council in the raise as well with an increase from $1200 to $2400. To note, the salaries have been unchanged since 1992. However, the mayor is asking for roughly a 233% increase in wages. The new council wages would be a 100% increase from 1992.

If we go by just an increase of pay in accordance with the rate of inflation since 1992, it would call for an adjustment of 83%, or in dollars the new total would be $3,289 for the mayor. For the council it would be $2,199. A lot of the locals working in and around Bridgeport would be lucky to even get yearly wage adjustments in line with inflation and I know if I asked my boss for a two-hundred- and thirtythree percent raise I would be immediately sent to the doctor to get my head checked.

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