Rolling back excessive regulations

As your representative, I have fought to reduce burdensome and unnecessary government regulations which disincentivize entrepreneurship and strangle economic growth. In fact, regulatory issues were such a concern under the Obama administration, I consolidated my efforts under a program entitled Regulation Rewind. While the economic crisis of 2008 was a terrible event which none of us would hope to see repeated, the response under President Obama’s administration was to enact the most sweeping financial regulatory package of all time.

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act created regulations that even to this day, nearly eight years later, have yet to be implemented due to their complicated and virtually unenforceable nature. Many of these regulations are economically dangerous and had nothing to do with the financial crisis. Dodd-Frank is a bona fide case study into the unintended consequences and collateral damage resulting from ill-considered and overreaching legislation.


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