In last week’s article I said I would introduce you to what I am calling the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights that I will begin outlining today will be included in legislation I will introduce in January for the consumption tax. The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights consists of ten rights or protections which ought to be afforded every taxpayer in the State of Nebraska.

The first right in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights states, “The citizens of Nebraska are entitled to a fair tax system, one which favors neither the poor nor the rich, neither rural dwellers nor urban dwellers, neither business owners nor laborers, and that is no respecter of race, religion, creed, or sex.”

The operative word in this first taxpayer right is the word ‘fair.’ Fairness is rightly defined as equality under the law. In other words, fairness occurs when everybody gets treated the same or equally, regardless of such things as one’s place of residence, occupation, race, religion, creed or sex. Fairness in this context stands in contrast to social justice theory, which seeks to rectify the past wrongs of society.


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