Over the course of the past several weeks I have been outlining the Nebraska Taxpayer Bill of Rights which will appear in Legislation I plan to introduce in January for a consumption tax. The consumption tax will replace the State income tax, property tax, State sales tax, and inheritance tax. It is the best solution to Nebraska’s tax problems.

The right that I will talk about this week pertains to the Nebraska Department of Revenue. This right of the people states that “The Nebraska Department of Revenue shall be subject to the citizens of the State of Nebraska by readily correcting errors of taxation and granting temporary relief to registered sellers suffering hardship due to the burden of paying taxes.”

For most citizens living in Nebraska, the consumption tax will remove the Nebraska Department of Revenue from their life. Because the consumption tax is paid to retailers or registered sellers, the average citizens should never have to interact with the Nebraska Department of Revenue. You pay the tax to the store and you are done with it. No more wrangling with property assessors, no more income tax audits, and when you die your heirs will get everything you willed to them.


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