Last week we, Sen. Steve Erdman and Sen. Steve Halloran, offered a joint article challenging the current response to COVID-19. The current policy that is being used was based upon a flawed model provided by Dr. Neil M. Ferguson, which originally projected the American death toll to be around 2.2 million on March 16. Following that wildly irresponsible projection, on March 29 Dr. Fauci stated on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the death toll would range from 100,000 to 200,000, then two days later, on March 31, he told the American people during a White House press conference to anticipate as much as 240,000 deaths. Finally, on April 9 he revised the number down to 60,000 deaths during an interview on NBC’s “Today Show”.

Six rules to keep Nebraska healthy

As the coronavirus (CO- VID-19) pandemic continues, Nebraska is expected to reach our peak in the coming weeks. To help Nebraska stay focused on slowing the spread of the virus, I recently designated April 10th – April 30th as “21 Days to Stay Home and Stay Healthy.” As the virus starts to peak in our state, we need Nebraskans to be especially mindful about limiting its spread.


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