In last week’s article I said I would introduce you to what I am calling the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights that I will begin outlining today will be included in legislation I will introduce in January for the consumption tax. The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights consists of ten rights or protections which ought to be afforded every taxpayer in the State of Nebraska.


Like your new property taxes this year? I didn’t think so. I have received several calls and emails about the loss of the $10,000 personal property tax exemption that was eliminated by the implementation of LB 1107, the so called property tax relief bill. The more accurate name for this bill is “the decrease in the increase” bill, because that is what it really is. This bill did absolutely nothing to actually lower your property taxes this year. Let me explain why.

Growing opportunities for the Good Life

America is known as the Land of Opportunity and nowhere is that more true than here in Nebraska. Even as we grapple with the challenge of the pandemic, we’ve been hard at work to create and attract great-paying jobs to the Good Life. These jobs help families send their kids to school, own their own home and car, or go on that family vacation. They make it appealing for young Nebraskans to stay in our state after graduation. These jobs also provide the dignity and enjoyment of rewarding work.


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