Growing opportunities for the Good Life

America is known as the Land of Opportunity and nowhere is that more true than here in Nebraska. Even as we grapple with the challenge of the pandemic, we’ve been hard at work to create and attract great-paying jobs to the Good Life. These jobs help families send their kids to school, own their own home and car, or go on that family vacation. They make it appealing for young Nebraskans to stay in our state after graduation. These jobs also provide the dignity and enjoyment of rewarding work.

A successful session

The Nebraska Legislature’s “short session” went much longer than usual this year due to coronavirus. While the session didn’t wrap up until August, it was worth the wait for Nebraskans. From property tax relief to career scholarships, several key priorities were achieved to help grow our state both now and for future generations.

A big deal for Nebraska

As Governor, property tax relief has been my number one priority. Every year, I’ve worked with State Senators to increase the amount of state relief from local property taxes. From 2015-2019, we nearly doubled the amount of direct property tax relief from $140 million annually to $275 million annually. This relief helps pay your annual property tax bill. It is applied directly to your property tax bill, and appears as a credit on your statement. I have also proposed many other ideas about how to make structural changes to Nebraska’s property tax system over the years.


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