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Yellow takes it all!

From the six total house teams, it was down to Houses Purple and Yellow in the nailbiting Kids of Character competition at Bridgeport Elementary on Wednesday, December 18, 2019, during the Character Counts assembly.

Before the winners were announced, two students from each classroom were awarded a certificate for being the most responsible, while the 6th graders placed coveted paw print ribbons on those students recognized by their teachers.

Mr. Lambert held out to the very end to give the semester long results of the ‘most gold coins earned’ by a house team by doing good deeds for others around the school. Third place Blue house was rewarded with a voucher for the concession stand, second place purple house members were each given a black and gold popcorn bucket to use at concessions for free popcorn till the end of the school year. First-place Yellow house was given top honors with individual trophies and a day long group outing to Urban Air Adventure Park on Friday, December 20, 2019. Prizes and trips are funded by our very generous teachers, who pay to wear blue jeans on Fridays. Students work hard all semester long and practice being kind to one another. If an adult should happen to catch them being extra wonderful, they get a gold coin to put in the box for their team. Good luck to all second semester house teams and way to go, Yellow!

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