The nasty job of redistricting awaits

High on my 2021 “Snowball’s Chance in Hell” list is the creation of a non-politically charged, nonpartisan way to redistrict the state based on official census results.

I know it sounds like a nobrainer to create an independent commission to re-draw the maps. But given that the Governor doesn’t like the idea – he vetoed the last attempt created by a bi-partisan group of senators in 2016 – and that rural Nebraska is likely to lose two senators as their seats shift to the populous Lincoln, Omaha and Bellevue metroplex, it’s going to be tough.

Let me recap. A stubborn chief executive and a widening urban-rural split. Not necessarily the stuff of which dreams are made.

Oh, and remember the pandemic? It delayed and otherwise wreaked havoc with completion of the census. So, the solid numbers to work with might come as lawmakers are well into the agenda of big issues before them. Without the updated numbers, it’s likely the Nebraska Legislature will have to wing it. Here, hold my beer and watch this!



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